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Blisters on her belly

Here you can see how it looks after she has been licking her belly.

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Lina Johansson

Author:Lina Johansson

My name is Lina Johansson and I live in Sweden. I have had Akitas since the year 2006. At the moment I own three Akitas - Ninjo, Kumi and Naomi. I am very found of Akitas and I really want them to be a healthy and great family member. Why not also in the future a dog that you can use for tracking, hunting, guarding or any other useful work! That will make them even more valuable for us! Let us work together! Kind regards Lina

2 Responses to “Blisters on her belly”

  1. Olsson
    8 September, 2014 at 10:57 #

    what is that? my akita got the same thing but more (dry blood) around the nippels and around his genetal

  2. Lina Johansson
    12 November, 2014 at 21:14 #

    When licking a lot in the same area, I assume the hair follicles gets affected and dry. The dark “spots” may be blood, dirt and sebum. My Kumi gets this when licking. I think these symptoms can occur caused by other problems as well.

    Does your Akita have these problems because of he or she licking?

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