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The attack – how it works (for Manuel)


  • The sebaceous glands become attacked and they overreact by overproducing sebum.
    This step is easy to miss out, especially if the dog has a great undercoat (as Manuel had) which absorbs both the colour and the smell. It is easier to find when the dog is  in the middle of dropping coat, or attacked in an area with not so much undercoat. Then you can see the slight change of colour (to a red or white dog). The colour change is in the beginning based on the colour of the rancid sebum. Then due to saliva (licking) from the dog the PH will change enabling fungus to grow, colouring the coat brownish red.
  • The undercoat is beginning to drop and the roots come out in one or another way. It itches and Manuel wants to rub his head towards our legs. Now you can smell the sebum.
  • The skin gets heavily inflamed, all pink, sore and it hurts. If  Manuel tries to scratch (his only way of dealing with it) they claws can cause terrible marks in the skin.
    For Manuel, Atopica  has so far removed this step which is a great relief for him. We have no idea what it will look like when we try to decrease the dose later on. The inflammation smells, and in combination with the rancid sebum it is easy to recognize. If you have other Akitas in the house, they will have pointed out the smell for you already.
  • After the inflammation the skin becomes hard, dry, inflexible, rough and flaky.(So far only on parts of his tail since we hadn’t noticed that the tail was affected at the beginning).


These are the stages on his skin that requires assistance.

  1. For some healing-help is required
  2. For some smoothing-help is required
  3. For some protection-help  is required.Currently we have spots on him including two of the phases.


What does an Akita cost? People often ask me. Then I reply; “to purchase or to maintain?”.

By the way,  Manuel is worth EVERY penny, but still…


We will cover costs in another blog-post.

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