MANUEL - SA treatment, MANUEL-development

False alarm!


What is this? Fungus already???

ManuelManuelDiscoloured under his chin and in one paw, and also on the side of one hindleg ??

I was thinking that the hind-leg was a bit of a strange place to be “next” not making sence according to the pattern that Manuel’s SA has developed. He also had one front paw discoloured and we had not seen him licking at all!!!


Then we found the reason! Prior to our medication adjustments Manuel was really naceous four hours afterwards. Manuel normally does not slobber at all but when naceous he did – a lot. That explains the mouth-area. What about the leg and paw?

Well this picture explains it all, even the wet paw (inside of paw) as it is turned upwards.


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Charlotte Steneloo

Author:Charlotte Steneloo

Akita owner from Sweden working for openness regarding health issues.

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