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New visible signs…


This is how I noticed something was going on in the neck.

IMG_2504 IMG_2503 IMG_2501







So I have found a new SA-spot, or several tiny ones in the neck. The skin there is dry, flaky and thicker than normal. As there is no inflammation visible I use oil on it.

I wonder if it is:

  • Manuel’s totally 2nd SA-attack
  • One of many  SA-attacks, but this one show as he is on a lower dose of medicine since two weeks now.

Who knows…

The medicine/Atopica

Two weeks ago we went from medicine every day, to every 2nd day. It works fine, though it is harder to remember. I do not think we can evaluate the result of the dosage yet. The medicine caused a lot of trouble at the start for Manuel such as stomach-pain, bad stomach, nausea, sensation of being very warm etcetera, but that all disappeared after some weeks.

Now when he gets it every 2nd day I can sometimes see a reaction again (him being very warm) but it is not every time. Sometimes he still gets nauseous (salivating so he is wet under his chin) and if I fail with the timing of food/medicine it hurts  exactly 4 hours after medication (bowel).  :-S

I will phone are vet to discuss this matter.


CLOO_130211_2461The rump/croup

He is very sensitive back  at the rump/croup when touching him. I was worried and checked for a SA brake-out , or vermin but nothing. When talking to Lotte L we discussed that it could just be him not used to how it feels when we touch him where he hasn’t got any under-coat.




SA-tailThe tail

His tail was really in a bad shape before. Currently is is OK and the hair is actually growing a bit.




CLOO_130217_1029The mood

He is in a great mood. Joyful and full of energy.




Charlotte Steneloo

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