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How SA affects his ears

Manuel has never ever had any issues what so ever his ears, not even when bathing.

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His ears have been highly functional. I have never removed any hairs inside them.  I cleaned them when going to shows, but without any proper reason more than vain  :oops:

Therefore I feel ashamed I did not react more spring 2012 when I found out that his external ear/ear lap was greasy and thereof also dirty. This was the first “attack” on the glands in the ears which made the glands over-react. Later on this resulted in dead glands and very very  dry ears.

What kind of problems does lack of balance and a dryness cause?

Well there is no grease to transport any dust  – “up and out” from the ear. This results in a dry itchy and dirty ear. Of course one can clean the external ear/ear lap with oil with a great result, but the real problem is the inner ear/ear canal where you not should be poking around.

I use my finger covered in cotton wool and has made that a “rule” as how far down I can go. Now I have small fingers, but still.

So far the excess oil has been enough to keep the ear canal in an acceptable condition.

Today I had to decide to use an ear cleanser (even though I do not like anything “cleaning” = drying out) but I just had to help him as he has been rubbing the side of his head against our legs clearly showing it is uncomfortable and dry inside the ears. This way I could get some cleansing in the ear canal without poking around.

Here you can see and fully understand why it is so…





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