Breaking news about Atopic Dermatitis!

Wohoooo! Finally they have found gene what is connected to the dog allergies/atopy!

We might get gene test at some point! Best news in long long time :)

Here you can read about it!

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Saija Tenhunen

One Response to “Breaking news about Atopic Dermatitis!”

  1. Charlotte Steneloo
    15 July, 2013 at 18:21 #

    I am so so happy to here there has been a major step even though I am fully aware it is just the first (step) of many to come… Atopic Dermatitis is a major problem that is “hidden” behind SA and VKH and that sometimes actually can be of MORE pain and irritation for the poor dog.

    A dog does not itch and scratch without a reason, though the reasons can differs from a pine needle stuck in the coat, a mosquito bite, nervous behaviour, shampooing to much, to a severe disease.

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