Some glands are lost forever

I am amazed how the fore-head recovers well every time (so far) but then, some areas are lost – forever.

Manuel’s coat is growing again (according to his “normal-before-SA” schedule).

Due to the fact that some under coat is lost forever (but the guard hair still grows, “covering” the areas):

  • His face is slimmer in shape now as the “side-burns” are gone and the hair on his fore-head is shorter. This makes his ears look bigger (even though Manuel has smaller ears than many other Japanese Akitas).
  • It almost looks like he is shedding, even though it is the opposite –  as when the new undercoat grows it will show as the area next to it has not undercoat. We must remember to protect those areas when the winter hits hard, as those area have no real “padding” – only guard hairs.
  • The pattern is the same as when the SA-attack struck him hard in June (but well hidden).
The spots are very much visible. June 2013

The spots are very much visible. June 2013




The gallery below, shows how he looks today (from a distance). But if lifting the coat we will see the same pattern as in June but now covered with guard hair and in some areas a little little under-coat.

He has also some affected ares close to the tail.



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