Denmark contributes to Akita-research

This is a private initiativ from experienced Danish “Akita-people”  in Denmark. Maybe you should do the same in your country/region?

/Akita Unleashed

Akita owners in Denmark!

On Saturday, we have our annual meeting of Akita and American Akita in Denmark.

It’s a nice day where we meet and talk about the dogs.

We try every year to have a topic or activity on the program and this year it is – autoimmune diseases in Akita – based on the project at the University of Helsinki.

We have agreed with a veterinarian that he will come and take blood samples from the dogs that want to participate and send them to Helsinki. When we do it together in this way, we have got it down to a very cheap price where everyone has the opportunity to join and support the cause.

We hope to see many Akitas and you can also reach to help – send an email to Carl or call mobile (+45)51 19 59 54


/Ann-Charlotte Adrian & Carl Jensen

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