IDA (Jp Akita) SA &more

Ida Ida with SA

Name on pedigree : Norduch Such Nuch Dkuch KBHV-2001

Registration number:ccc

Date of birth: 2000-01-07

Date of death: 2010-01-07

Japanese, American or Blend (Any type of “Akita”): Japanese

Parents (full pedigree-name): Ch Eirei Go No Shatsuko and Ch Chika Go Ishikurasow

Full pedigree:  Global database – Akita pedigreeSwedish Kennel club database

Off-spring: She was meant to be bred, but I wanted to wait until three years of age and at the age of two and a half she developed SA.

Issues/diagnosis and date/period – diagnosed:

Allergy (2000 at the age of 8 weeks)

Hypothyroid (2002)

SA (Sebaceous Adenitis) – Autoimmune disease

 HD, AD/ED: I wanted very much to know, but as Ida had to endure quite enough anyway I decided not to x-ray her.


Blood sample sent for research (SA): Yes, blood sample and biopsies, – hers was the first, perhaps also the only, samples to be sent from Sweden.


NOTES: She died of heartfailure due to medication of thyroid.


Last updated: 2012  23  of December
Original text: English
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