RAJ (Jp Akita) Allergies

Left: spring 2005Rigjt: autumn 2005 when he was loosing all the hair due to the skin infections

Left: spring 2005
Right: autumn 2005 when he was loosing all the hair due to the skin infections

To see how Raj looks today, read “Raj’s story” (menu/articles)


Everyday name of dog: Raj

Name on pedigree: Ängsmyrens Yori No Kogawe

Registration number:  ER19467/00, S16796/2000

Date of birth: 30.1.2000

Date of death:  –

Japanese, America Akita or Blend (Any type of “Akita”):Japanese

Parents (full pedigree-name): Father: Ryujin Go No Shatsuko Mother: Maiko Go Musashi Aiwa

Full pedigree: Finnish database, and Akita Pedigree

Off-spring: Two litters, breed before first known symptoms of allergies.

Issues/diagnosis and date/period – diagnosed: Allergies. Most reacts to different molds and mites. Diagnosed at 15.2.2007. First symptoms were noticed at summer 2004 but disappeared when winter came. Symptoms started again at next summer.  

(HD)AD/ED:  Hips x-rayed at 6.2.2001, result C/B

Eyes: Last eye check at 18.6.2003, everything ok. Now with age he have lost his vision partly. Started loose it at age of ten.

Blood sample sent for research (SA):  Blood sample is at genebank of Helsinki University.


Last updated: 2012.12.29 

Responsible for this information is: Saija Tenhunen

2 Responses to “RAJ (Jp Akita) Allergies”

  1. Shane
    28 November, 2013 at 19:06 #

    My Female Akita having the same problem exactly like your. she’s now 2 years plus … her skin never in good condition since 6 months old until now, I’m so upset already.

  2. 9 January, 2014 at 12:04 #

    Have you got any diagnosis on your Akita Shane ?

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