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Difficult to find your way at this web site? Let us help you…

Akita Unleashed is a web-site AND a blog

– all dependent on that people want to share information and experience.

It consists of two parts:


Pages can contain articles, galleries, links and other information that we want shall be accessible via the menus. All the info here can be composed by many authors, but the actually publishing has to be done by one of the founders.


Blog posts are more like diaries. They can be written on a daily basis, once a month or once a year – there are no rules.  The authors are given access to the system and can publish blog posts whenever they want to, with or without support from us.

The most recent blog posts (by calender) will be on top under the heading “Latest News”.

Blog posts that we want to be visible on top even though they might not be the latest blog post, we put them either under High-lighted or they are accessible via one of the oblate pictures on top.


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Some examples of what you can do

Search for blog-posts

You can search blog posts in different ways:

Use the calender on the right hand side

Select by category on the right hand side/or click on the category name in a blog post

Use the search field

Use the tab called “tags” and choose a word that is of interest

Check out the other three tabs “popular” “latest” and “comments”


Make comments

Feel free to post questions or tips via the “comments”. Write in the reply box if you want to reply on the actual blog post. Press the reply-button on a comment, if you want to respond on that special comment.

Currently we have one to many texts for “reply”, but the function as such is working just fine.



By registering you will become a subscriber to news at Akita Unleashed.



You can “like” us on Facebook and that way find out when there are updates.


We do not want language to stop us, so even though we prefer English we welcome authors using other languages too. Google Translate can often give an idea of what is written.

Becoming one of the authors or contribute with info about relevant topics

You are most welcome to contact us via e-mail.

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