Links to research projects with various statuses.


WUAC SA-project SA-research in Germany. – This is the link to WUAC/World Union of Akita Clubs.
Read about the research under the menu: “project”.
Research status (direct link) SA-research in Germany – This is a DIRECT link to an article at the WUAC page,
informing about the status of the SA-research April 2012.
Akita Tabou –
info on SA and VKH
SA-research in Switzerland. – This is a link to an article at Akita sans tabou about the research at the Dr Leeb Laboratory.
Institute of genetics,
Bern – SA-project.
SA-research in Switzerland. -This is a link directly to the research on SA
(Hovawart to start with)at the Dr Leeb Laboratory.
 French Research Center  Study on SA and VKH Japanese and American Akita (for now only in French)


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