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A few days ago I took Manuel to the Veterinary hospital  (the 13th) to meet Niklas. It is progressing in a quite aggressive pace.
The forehead looks shaggy and a inflammation is ongoing. Manuel is feeling warm (no temperature) and wants to rub his head in one’s crouch, but no scratching occurs at all.

Niklas looked through the coat and found dry spots in the neck hidden in the coarse thick coat. It is spreading – rapidly. Now both me and Niklas knew, we just knew… it was SA. :-S Manuel is 6,5 years old.

So we decided to do all the things that “should be done” i.e. tests for other skin issues (vermin, demodex etc.) and Thyroid gland tests even though we both knew what kind of result we would get.

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Today I left Manuel to Niklas in the morning for skin-biopsies. Not really necessary but I shall be honest about the reasons, it was not for the sake of Manuel.

1) So that people who in one way or another is in denial can see the result. A “negative” result would not change the diagnoses to us.

2) Pure “scientific” reasons. So many take the skin-biopsies without knowing where, and when, especially when. One is looking for the inflammation of the Sebaceous gland – not a dead gland. So one should take from the area “next to come/die”. It was very clear to us in which directions this is spreading. “Tail – out” and “forehead – out”.


We took FIVE samples and in those places where there were hair-loss and dry skin it was already too late. The best place is where the Sebaceous glands are affected, usually over-active at first, still struggling.

Niklas took care of him which was very important since Manuel is really scared at that place (he prefers a small clinic). I had planned a trip with my sister for many weeks and just had to go, so Mikael would pick him up.


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Charlotte Steneloo

Charlotte Steneloo

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