Is it because of the looks? No!!!!  Let me use Lotte Lekholm’s naming; “wired haired Akitas”. Wired haired Akitas are beautiful!!!!  

The reason for fighting so hard for Manuel’s coat  is based on one thing only – but a very important such. The Akita coat is such a great, functioning protection!  

Look at the snow! It just lays on the surface not melting since it is so far away from the heat of the skin, just waiting to be removed by a shaking – leaving the coat all dry. Look at the paws! We walk in salt (all pavements i Malmö are full of salt as soon as you see the first snow-flakes) we walk in deep snow (driving to the forests) and he never, never get’s snow-balls stuck to his paws!

As his coat has grown a bit again he is currently free of all secondary infections :smile: . The coat is the first palisade, and then when it is in a bad shape, the skin has to take the fight.

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Better than any boots!

Fully functioning coat is better than any boots!

One shaking - snow is gone

One shaking – snow is gone revealing a dry dog!