Our current daily SA treatment regimen is described here.

Here is picture of our current medication and supplement arsenal:


On the left Virbac oil products in packages that are simply to use because they are packed in sachets for one day’s portion . Then the next one in the back is Biotin (product in the picture is for horses, but it is a lot cheaper than those from pharmacy for dogs). It is for skin and coat well-being. Then there is baby-oil for oiling the skin and in front vitamin-E. It is antioxidant and it is supposed to diminish the isotretinoins hazardous side-effects. On the back I have the actual meds: Isotretinoin Actavis and Atopica Vet. In front of these are Omaga-3 capsels and right from that is keratolytic shampoo.

I still have to count for what really are in those supplements, so I don’t over-doze her with some vitamin…

I give two tablets of Atopica 100 mg to Hilma in the morning to empty stomach before I leave to work. In the evening with food she has two tablets of 20 mg Isotretinoin Actavis. With evening food (fish, potatoes, vegetables) she has also all those supplements. Hilma has always nowadays available Royal Canin Anallergenic dogfood, but she hardly eats that at all. Picky lady I must say…

From now one I try also to wash her once or twice a week with keratolytic shampoo and oil her after that. I’ll have to monitor the skin and coats situation and decrease or increase washing/oiling occasions. I am really suprised how light that baby oil is. I thought that it would be really messy job, but no. It absorbes quickly and is not at all messy. Keratolytic  shampoo also seems to be really good product. It lifts that stinking sebum off the skin and now after I have washed her coat i can lift off  all the dead and dry coat. She is now dropping all her undercoat… There is only some left in the bump and tail.


I would say that this is good, it is easier to manage oiling and prevent bacters to nest in her coat. What is the use with dead hair after all? Maybe she does not look so pretty without coat but at least her skin is healthy and pink. Where there is more hair there is still that brown sebum.

I’m hoping that cyclosporine will start working after couple of weeks, I don’t know is it already working after one week. Or what is working because I have so many different treatments going on. What I have noticed now, is that pigment on her nozzle and around eyes have
gotten darker. I guess that is good thing? Still, I would say that it is too early to say anything, after all our antiobiotics regimen ended just few days ago, so there is so much going on in her body right now. I’ll keep you posted when we have hopefully seen some improvement.


Does anyone know is this complete undercoat loss good or bad thing? At least those sebaceous gland are not in inflammation stage after they are dead?