The majority of people with experience from SA say that they find SA to be more aggressively active during the shedding periods.

Therefore me and Mikael decided to increase the Atopica dose for 2 weeks and then decrease again when the shedding period started (without us seeing any signs of “attack”) to help his body.

Yes – our vet has allowed us to decide that ourselves.

Now I understand that it wasn’t a bad decision as such, but the timing was all wrong.

Manuel usually starts shedding in late February/beginning of March, April is calm and then middle May a second effort is made and in June he normally his coat is very thin . We increased the dose with 50% in March, now I see we should have waited until May. Anyhow now it is rather aggressive so we have decided to increase the dose again. We will also book a meeting with our vet since it was decided we would meet after 6 months (soon that is).

Actual picture taken in April - before it became worse.

Actual picture taken in April – before it became worse.

You might think it “doesn’t look that bad”. Now he might not have lost a majority of his coat (yet) but that does not mean the attack isn’t going on there underneath…

Manuel doesn’t have any heavy scales, but the skin is super dry and the area affected has grown. I guess this is what I would have found if I had looked under his coat before I saw the first patch of hair falling off.

We have not used any oil or anything for a while (except for his ears and if any patches). We wanted to see what the medicine actually does. On the other hand an oil would give the skin protection (but Manuel has still some coat to do that job).  He is tested for allergies when younger and all came out negative, but now the situation of course is different – it can be secondary to the fact that the skin barely no protection left, so I keep an eye on that…

Talking about patches and oil…. he had one on his head and I put some baby oil there since I have it for his ears. OMG, such a bad reaction. All red and angry. I had to clean it up and put some Locobase Repair there, and it calmed down again. Bad bad human – not thinking before doing…