and repeat.
On the outside

We have tried a variation of “treatments” and aids for Manuel. So far this seems to work the best for him.

1) Keep the affected skin (inflammation, SA-in an aggressive state) clean from bacteria/fungus using chlorhexidine. If necessary during heavy periods getting help using antibiotics (when heavy spring shedding). Using hydro cortisone whenever/anti-fungus ointment etc. etc. whatever is needed for that special area.

2) Moisturise the dry parts of the skin (skin-lotion) Today we got Aloe Vera from a friend of ours and will carefully test this. She uses it for her Akita with atopic dermatitis with good result (yes she will write about it).

3) Protect the dry skin with oil (replacing the protection the skin normally has, but that is gone due to the SA). Not using oil on inflamed part.


In reality this means that I have to use both 1, 2 and 3 in different areas at the same time as SA is active in a various of phases of the cycle in different places.


We do not use any kind of shampoo what so ever. No matter what component added that is supposed to “moisturise” it is still a shampoo and therefore dries the skin. No matte what the veterinarian says (and he know that) :-S . In my former career I worked as hair-stylist 100% and that has lead me to not use shampoo at all. I use only conditioner with a great result on both hair and skin. My scalp is now in full balance.


By the way, he is now reacting when the rain hits his back – he hasn’t felt that before. His coat used to be so functioning – rejecting snow, rain and dirt.