Manuel had an attack through out May and almost all of June (when he normally is shedding heavily).

The summer

All is just falling off..

All is just falling off..
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The coat just came out, and it came hair by hair – all the time, all over the place (not in chunks like normally). During that period he started to scratch himself slightly at the lower back (normally he does not do that at all, and IF there is always a reason). So we went to our vet, and yes he had a minor skin infection so he got antibiotics.

So then we went from half a dose to full dose (for his weight a full dose is 200 mg every day) of Atopica. In addition to that we (of course)  continued with – where needed only – “clean, moisturize and protect”.

The Atopica might have helped him by lowering the level of attack – but who knows? Honestly I could not really say if it worked or not this time.  Autumn 2012 nobody could deny the effect of the Atopica.

When he became “naked” I took a chance and let him go swimming in salt water (not with bacteria from sea weed – that could occur when as hot summer as this one was).  He had no obvious skin infection so I decided that would be OK.Then rinsed him in fresh water and dried him with a towel. There were no risk for fungus or anything since there was no real under coat to hold the water. That caused no problems.

The experiment


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At the middle of June the attack was over. Even when he is well he has dry ears and a small minimal itchy feeling on his fore head (he does not scratch but want to be touched there).  We decided to decrease the Atopica dose.  We went to 200 mg every third day and that stayed for almost 2 months. His coat grew amazingly which is a sign of that the skin is as balanced as it could be.

I was hoping I could test to skip the Atopica totally during the “good period” but as I was a bit to unsure of my “theory” I therefore started to decrease too late, now we were heading towards the “autumn shedding”. (Akitas seem to have different cycles of shedding.

Manuel has a very clear one and have had for many years). So I knew we wouldn’t have the time to go down to “zero” before the shedding (and probably and SA-attack) started.

The idea was also to have a “weapon” to use when the attack comes next time.  Just pure theories of mine, nothing else…

Status middle of August

Looking good but shedding period is on it’s way. You will soon be able to read about what is happening “right now”.

Looking good, but it IS there underneath it all...

Looking good, but it IS there underneath it all…