Kumi has now been without Artuvetrin for about 6 months and I do not notice any difference compared to when she was on the treatment. 

I did make the choice to not continuing with the treatment for Kumi though I could not see that she was better from the symptoms during 4 years of treatment. I took the chance to try and see if she could stay the same, be worse or even be better if I stopped the treatment. The risk was if she would be worse, I had to start all over again with the treatment.

Luckily, she has not been worse these 6 months but at the moment she has got some wounds at her paws. That is as usual. Every spring and autumn she’ll get eruption due to increasing pollen or mites levels but also when she goes into maturity season and the hormone increases.  She gets some Cortavance at her wounds and more care and love at the moment!



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