ISI a new association in France

2014, Mar, 16 | RESEARCH | 0 comments

In France, in February 2014, a new association was born: ISI, for Sanitary informations about Inu. The aim? Inform and help owners about Japanese dog’s diseases, through owner’s experiences sharing and specialist’s advices.


Still in France, in 2013, the National Centre for Scientific Research began a research about screening for Akita’s genetic diseases. To help this action, we need to collect blood samples from dogs (sick or not). You can ask for the collection kit sending an email here:  The ISI association works with those professionals. Our slogan is : “Their health, it is our fight”.



I am 27 years old. I am Baïky's owner. He's an Akita inu dog. I help a french association, named Akita Home, as a temporary family for abandoned akita dogs.


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