The pollen season is here and includes higher temperature.

Loosing coat has been the worst time ever for Kumi because her skin and fur is very dry all over.

The worst parts this time are not (as usually) the armpits and between her back-legs but in the forehead, on the back and around the bum all the way to the tail.  Then add to that , her claws scratching and her teeth nagging the skin – which sometimes makes the skin bloody.

Her paws have actually been better this year compared to other years the same time apart from some individual outbreak near the the claws. Her fur between the pads has been clean and dry in a good way.

I had to give her Cortison tablets this time though local treatment (which I usually tru to use) is no good for these symptoms.

I tested to shampoo her (Malaseb) to avoid bacteria and fungi infections. After that I really need to give her some moisturizing local. That I have left to solve.

Otherwise I give her linseed oil in her food.


We are now longing for the time when her fur is coming back.