On this date I also started the Rampak Oil treatment.

100% pure mineral oil.

Shampoo we use after her mineral bath was –  Sogeval Aloe & Oatmeal (bought at our vets no fragrance or perfume this removes the oil very well.

Here you will see some pictures taken after 1st mineral oil treatment recommended by Akita web site and my vet at Neels vet Hospital in OKC. These picture were taken while she had the mineral oil on.


It was tough; my baby had never had a bath before, so she was terrified, I think I got more oil over me than her. We left it on for 2 hours then washed it off.  There was so much hair and scabs that came off I never realized how many sores she had until I got her covered with the oil. My Poor baby, I used the flea comb every time I combed through, hugs lumps of hair and hair follicles  came out, I could not stop crying, I did not let her see me though. After I washed her with the shampoo I used puppy training pads to her dry, and then gently padded her with a towel. After the ordeal many treats were given.


I put sheets and towels down so as not to get the oil on the carpet. I kept her in a bedroom with a family member with her at all times. She got exhausted.

I was not sure if it was my imagination but I could see a difference, her skin felt softer and as soon as she dried off I could see the sores had already dried up some. I think I left a little too much oil on her but I was afraid I was hurting her. She never seemed