Thank you for sharing information about SA.

Thank You A Thank You BI have been giving Akaya Mineral Oil baths every week, around Friday of each week I have noticed the top of her back looking dry, so I feel like she needs them every week.

I am going to try waiting two weeks this time if by Monday she is looking too dry I will give her a bath on that day, that would be a few days longer than normal. She is very energetic and very happy, I did not realize how depressed and weak she was, I think when you are with your pets every day you may not notice there personality changes. It’s the same as our family members sometimes we don’t notice the small changes until it is in your face. I truly believe the program I have stayed with consistently every day has made her better.

The supplements the baths all of the above treatment, she has about 13 more days left on her antibiotics which I think have helped with any secondary infections while the sores were open. I went and visited my vet in OKC and we have decided not to give Akaya any more vaccination or shots for heart worms as they can have an adverse reaction to her condition it could possibly cause a flair up, we are going to give her oral medication for her heart worms, I am also researching and alternate choice for flea and tick treatment that would be natural and not harmful to her. My Vet Dr reeves says he will type a letter for me to give to our county to cover Akaya as we have to have them licensed and registered with Norman Animal Welfare.

I am also going to have a tag made explaining why she does not have updated rabies tag and put the information about her SA on it in case she was ever to get out; and they won’t give her any shots or medication.

I am so very happy that she is feeling better, I will continue all her care forever, I think that is the key to keeping this under control. I know whoever reads this it will give them hope that their baby can get better and can have a very healthy happy long life. I want to thank the people before me for posting information on the Web, the Akita Web sites you saved my girls life.

Thank you