Akaya is doing well

Has had a couple of very small breakdowns always seems to be the same places elbows and back leg heals. Had a small break down around her face which seemed strange.
I think she also could have been digging in something. I have her on her same regiment of supplements. And still bath her every Saturday morning.

Winters coming and she hates to have her mineral oil treatment in the bathrub. So I bought a tub that I can hook up the hot water to and set it up in garage. Tried it this weekend. What I like is you can walk her into it. It was a struggle first but once she was in it was OK. I think this will work through winter. We both get to stay dry and warm.

I don’t have to lift my 120lb baby into a tub lol.

Oh Yes She Is Holding And Maintaining her weight well. My baby girl is doing wonderful. She has a follow up with the dermatologist specialist in Dallas  in December he has been great.  I always keep a course of antibiotics at hand. So if she starts a breakout I catch it before it gets bad.we have got our schedule worked out well. Everything is going smoothly.

I hope my information has helped someone out there with their babies.


20160926_081232Akaya’s tub

Here’s a pic of the tub. You can walk you dog into it and she weighs 120 and fit just right. It drains slightly slow but I think that might be because of the mineral oil. So I flushed the drain hoes real well after.

She’s doing great… if anyone wants to know I bought tub from amazon for $188.00 it is very well made. I also put a bath mat in it as she has a thing about not stepping on tile or strange surfaces.

She’s my baby. That’s my mum in the background. She is a akayas  2nd mum.