We are a group of Akita-lovers who for many years have been involved in the breed. For quite some time we have had plans for a platform covering topics we consider to be of importance for the Akita. Now it is unleashed! Akita Unleashed was released in November 2012! (A  non-profit site not belonging to any club or organization.)

When we writing “Akita” to us that  includes all kinds of Akitas.

We consider openness a necessity for future survival of the breed.

The first topic we want to highlight is the unhealth of the Akita.

By starting to share our’s and others’ experiences on this topic we hope that Akitas that by any reason need to get a diagnose, will receive this at a very early stage increasing their chances for a better result of any treatment. One will not find an increasing amount of sick Akitas just because of discussing it openly  – on the contrary. With increased knowledge the chances for Akitas and their owners to live a better life increases. Do you want to contribute with your experiences and knowledge regarding the topic: “Akita and unhealthiness”?

We publish:

  • your information about your dog’s unhealthiness  (using a template)
  • your article about the life of your dog (any language)
  • pictures showing how the disease has developed with comments

We can:

  • grant access to a “user” so you can enter blog-posts about your dog.
  • much much more – further on…

Is there anything else you want to discuss? Just let us know. You can subscribe on: New blog-posts, a single blog-post and it’s comments and replies. If you want to know of all updates (including pages/dogs) then you can “like” us on Facebook!


Sweden 2013  6th of January

Charlotte Steneloo, Lina Johansson, Marita Johnsson, Mikael Edlund, Elin Larsson

& Lotte Lekholm