HILMA (Am Akita) SA & more


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Everyday name of dog: Hilma

Name on pedigree: San Fun Daydream

Registration number: FI32594/09

Date of birth: 13.5.2009

Date of death:  –

Japanese, American or Blend (Any type of “Akita”)American

Parents (full pedigree-name): Father: Wolfteam’s White Akbal-Bal, Mother: Midian’s In Your Dreams

Full pedigree: Finnish Database (http://jalostus.kennelliitto.fi/frmKoira.aspx?RekNo=FI32594/09&R=344)

Off-spring: No.

Issues/diagnosis and date/period – diagnosed:

Dust and stock mite allergy, diagnosed in autumn 2011 on age of two.

Food allergies (eggs, poultry, cattle, wheat) diagnosed during winter 2011-2012 on elimination diet on age of two.

Autumn 2011 biopsies, suspected pemphigus or SA. Negative results on age of two.


Winter 2013 biopsies, suspected SA. Result SA-positive on age of three. 

(HD)AD/ED: Elbow joint 0/0, hip-joint B/B. Scanned in summer 2011 (whole spine scanned at the same time: no spondylosis).

Eyes: Not examined.

Blood sample sent for research (SA): Yes.


Last updated: 2013  24  of March 

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Responsible for this information is: Anna Soininen