Last updated: 2013  18th of June 
Original text: English
Responsible for this information are: Charlotte Steneloo & Mikael Edlund


  • Sebaceous Adenitis SA. Biopsy confirmed November 2012
    (at the age of 6+ years)
  • Various horrible issues (spleen tumour/stomach pain/swollen gums) due to side effects of making the bad decision of using Cyclosporine


(In Sweden the japanese Akita = Akita)

Name on pedigree: Kakushigtoto Shun’You Kensha

Registration number: S57970/2006

Date of birth: 7th of April 2006

Date of death: 17th of January 2019

Full pedigree: Akita pedigree,
Swedish Kennel club database

HD = A (possible in Sweden are: A, B, C, D, E)
AD/ED = no remarks at age 1 year and 4 months.

Eyes: Clear 2007 and 2009

Blood sample sent for research (SA): Yes


Manuel's Dog Genetic Diversity test

For those of you who are interested in genetics, you will find Manuel’s result from the Dog Genetic Diversity test here (Veterinary Genetics Laboratory)

Manuel’s blog

Winter – a challenge

Manuel has a very thick coat - belly down From his neck to tail the SA has resulted in  many spots without any under-coat. Thererfore I had to find a solution that could work when we it is cold outside. He loves being outside in the cold, but the SA-spots are exposed...

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Does SA itch?

Primary -no. Secondary, tertiary and quaternary? - YES What about itching and scratching? SA as such does not seem to itch but many of the issues caused by SA- do... Shedding/dropping coat - in a normal state Ever since Manuel's first shedding he has been scratching...

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Water is the enemy of brittle skin

The skin condition is more than important! A very very dry skin is susceptible to anything that establishes contact - that is no rocket science! This is valid for those dogs who suffer from very dry skin. Of course not for those who manage to keep an acceptable level...

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